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Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a condition in which an excessive amount of bacteria end up residing within the small intestines.

The majority of bacteria in our gastrointestinal system feed on fibers and certain sugars such as lactose (milk sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar). When the bacteria feed, they immediately begin to produce gases such as hydrogen and methane. If SIBO is present, there ends up being an excessive amount of hydrogen and/or methane being produced within the small intestines, which leads to the following symptoms as the small intestines expand:

Abdominal bloating/distension

Abdominal pain/cramping


Excessive belching, flatulence 



Research over the last 15 years has shown a major connection between SIBO and IBS.  Specifically, up to 84% of IBS cases will test positive for SIBO. And when you treat the SIBO, the IBS goes away.  Therefore, SIBO is now considered the #1 root cause behind IBS. Dr. Falk extensive clinical expertise in SIBO testing, treatment and resolution as well as all things gut related. 

Bacteria in small intestine, causing IBS
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